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20 years on: How garage door technology has evolved in Brisbane

With over 20 years of experience in the garage door industry throughout Brisbane, I’ve witnessed firsthand the technological advancements transforming residential and commercial doors in Queensland. Modern garage doors today look vastly different from their counterparts at the turn of the millennium. Let’s examine some notable innovations over the past two decades.

More durable materials 

In the early 2000s, most garage doors were still made of untreated steel or timber, susceptible to corrosion damage from Brisbane’s humid subtropical climate. Advancements in eco-friendly wood preservation and durable hot-dipped galvanising of steel has led to doors that can better withstand the elements. uPVC has also grown popular as a low-maintenance composite material.

Improved safety features 

Older garage doors lacked basic safety mechanisms like photoelectric sensors to detect obstacles when closing. Thankfully Australian standards now mandate all new residential garage doors be fitted with at least two independent safety systems. Doors from reputable brands like B&D and Panelift now come integrated with the latest obstruction detection and auto-reverse closing technology.

Quieter operation 

Noisy squeaky doors were commonplace in the 90s and early 2000s. But the shift from chain-drive to belt-drive opener systems combined with sound-dampening insulated door panels has led to whisper-quiet operation. This reduces nuisance noise, especially helpful for your neighbours with night owl tendencies!

Greater style & design choices 

Homeowners now have a vast range of materials, colours, window, and hardware options to match your home’s architectural style – whether traditional, modern, colonial or federation. Custom wood lookalikes like uPVC provide beautiful timber tones without the maintenance. And laser-cut steel doors can mimic intricate decorative designs for ornate elegance at affordable prices compared to bespoke wood craftsmanship.

Enhanced weatherproofing 

Older doors had visible gaps causing dust ingress and did little to insulate interiors from outside temperatures. But with improved sealing systems like thick rubber bottom weatherstrips, flexible side seals, and top rain deflectors, modern garage doors provide exceptional defence from the elements.

Advanced materials 

Along with enhanced functionality, garage door materials have progressed considerably in terms of durability, weather and damage resistance, and aesthetic options:

  • Steel panel doors now feature corrosion-resistant coatings that prevent rusting and deterioration from Brisbane’s humid, coastal climate. This maintains structural integrity and appearance.
  • Wood look composite doors provide the visual appeal of natural timber without potential for termite damage or excessive maintenance requirements of real timber.
  • Aluminium and glass custom doors allow increased natural daylight entry while anodised resists coastal salt corrosion. Modern glazing improves insulation.
  • Innovative polymer composite doors offer realistic wood grain appearance while resisting impact, UV rays, discolouration and corrosion across a 20+ year lifespan unmatched by traditional materials.

Enhanced security

Basic locking mechanisms of old were far less secure. However, modern smart garage door openers with rolling encryption technology ensure hackers can no longer steal your radio frequency codes. Additionally, secure pin code and swipe card access provide extra peace of mind. And automatization options even enable controlling your garage door remotely via smartphone when you’re away from home.


Brisbane homeowners no longer need to settle when it comes to garage doors offering subpar protection, safety, security and functionality. With manufacturers like B&D continually pushing boundaries using the latest technology available, the quality and capabilities of residential garage doors continue rising across the board. Maintaining your asset with regular servicing ensures you get to enjoy all the contemporary conveniences. So, if your garage still houses a relic from the 90s, now might be the prime opportunity to upgrade.

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