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Adding extra wide garage doors: Is it worthwhile in SEQ properties?

As residential garages expanded over the decades to accommodate larger vehicle sizes and more household storage needs, homeowners increasingly consider upgrading tight older single car garages to double or even triple garage widths using two or three garage doors. But do the added upfront and ongoing costs merit the extra room? Evaluating intentions and utility proves wise here in South East Queensland.

Measure existing vs required space 

Analyse if current garage widths reasonably fit owned vehicles and validate if additional width matches needs or simply wants. Many modern garages span 6 metres wide on double garages comfortably fitting typical sedans, SUVs and trucks without additional doors. If storing long trailers or boats, supplemental width often makes sense.

Construction costs 

Adding concrete slab width or excavating slopes to widen garages represents no small investment, especially meeting drainage codes and integrating new foundations into existing structures. Prepare for expenses reaching five figures quickly. New structural supports also add necessary stabilising robustness.

New door expenses 

Wider openings require full door replacements to span added distances plus new opener motors and drive mechanisms made to handle substantial weight. Permits, electrical upgrades and install labour compile atop the material expenses themselves.

Ongoing ownership costs 

Additional automated garage doors mean heightened power demands and eventual maintenance or repair costs down the road – especially replacing multiple torsion spring assemblies simultaneously if failing. Weigh long term obligations. Continuously monitoring energy consumption and scheduling routine maintenance checks can help mitigate potential increases in power demands and unexpected repair costs. Our team offers proactive maintenance plans tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your garage door system. With our comprehensive services, you can confidently navigate the ongoing ownership costs associated with automated garage doors, knowing that your investment is well-protected and efficiently managed.

Configuring existing garages for more space

Before undertaking major structural expansion projects, several tricks gain room within garages:

  • Install higher ceiling bike hoists, wall racks or overhead racks maximising vertical storage
  • Replace single garages doors with space-saving Barn style sliding rails
  • Park smaller vehicles/motorcycles in the front nearest the door opening
  • Add reflective panels to create illusion of depth
  • Incorporate smart organisation systems like wall cabinets that resist dust
  • Use sails to shelter extra vehicle parking in the driveway portion near garage

Often, rearranging usage patterns or simply decluttering suffices rather than the upheaval of bumping out exterior walls. Take time reimagining current square footage first before assuming addition as the sole path to freedom from clutter.

Resale value gains? 

While perceived home value rises with larger garages, actual resale price boosts are unlikely to offset extra construction costs in most SEQ neighbourhoods. Weigh intentions honestly before assuming full cost recapture later. Measure twice, cut once as the adage says.


While many Queenslanders aspire toward vast three-car garages mimicking American luxury home scenes, pragmatic analysis between actual utility gains, logistical constraints, and long term ownership costs merit consideration first before demolition crews start swinging. Be sure extra vehicle and storage needs justify the substantial fixed and recurring pricing factors incorporated into an expanded garage footprint. Otherwise fanciful wants simply waste money and space better devoted to other household priorities. Think through decisions from all financial and practical angles before making impulsive moves straying beyond existing home orientations. In summary, expanding garages demands careful analysis between wants, objective needs and return on investments.

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